Collect Your Tips and Donations using crypto currency - [ ]

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Collect Your Tips and Donations using crypto currency - [ ]

Post by CryptoStream » Sun May 19, 2019 2:07 pm

Hey Streamers, do you want to collect tips and donations easily and hassle free using crypto coins while you’re streaming.Well now you can earn crypto coins easily with CrypTipStream - the best & cheapest way for game streamers to collect tips and donations.

Yes, before you say our packages are suitable for “small streamers”.

We have most advanced streaming platform pre-integrated with 3 main blockchains. Streamers can attach their Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero wallets with their profile and that's it.

How much does CrypTipStream cost?
The creation of a CrypTipStream account is completely free and the user does not need to pay any fees. To say it simple, if a viewer wants to donate 10 dollars worth of Bitcoin to the streamer, he will only pay 10$ of BTC, nothing more nothing less.

Upon payment, fees will be applied to the streamer. Those fees consist of several aspects, depending on the chosen payment method (Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Credit Card, etc.), the currency and the amount of the tip.

How can users make donations or give tips on CrypTipStream ?
CrypTipStream has several donation methods, including Cryptocurrency, Credit Card, PayPal, bank transfer, paysafecard and others. Our system is 100% secure Payment solution for donations and tips.

How soon will streamers get their money ?
Tips made using cryptocurrency and paypal are instantly transferred to your attached crypto wallet or PayPal account.

Donations made by Credit Card, Bank Transfers, Paysafecard, etc will be wired to your bank account every Monday on a weekly basis, depending on your bank and its transfer times it may take between 1 and 5 working days before they are shown in your bank account.

Through us you can improve your experience of displaying the main alerts.All Geos Supported. Cheapest Rates in market.Users can pay using cryptocurrency, Paypal, credit cards, Bank Transfer etc.

How much can I earn with it?
Other than donations and tips You’ll earn 2–5 cents each time a viewer watches your stream for at least one minute (this length may vary from video to video).

Please remember each view is processed by an algorithm to avoid any abusive usage of the feature.

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** Latest -
Beta Phase already launched - 15 seats available
Private OBS platform

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